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Would you sleep with your e-learning?

Would you sleep with your e-learning?

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A few weeks ago we had a great workshop with our Modern Governor customers where people met up to share experiences and decide on how to take Modern Governor forward in the coming months.

One of the standout comments from a Modern Governor user was that “the course was so good I brought my laptop to bed to finish it”.

After the initial amusement at the comment, (and a small worry that maybe the course was too long!) it got me thinking about Modern Governor as a service.

The following things struck me:

1. E-learning for School Governors is an absolute must have in current environment. Busy parents, teachers and public representatives just don’t have the time to give to face to face training so self paced, flexible learning is the obvious way to fill this training need

2. The hunger for knowledge and awareness in this community is really impressive. I’ve met loads of School Governors over the last year and not one of them is interested in doing a bad job! They all want to know what the best approach to governing is and how they can do a great job for their students and the school

3. The savings from using this approach are enormous. Some customers argue that their face to face programmes are essentially free as they use internal resources. Hoever, given the budget cuts that local government is going to face in the next few months, this position will undoubtedly change. Demonstrating best value and return on investment will matter like never before. Being able to train all the Governors in a school for less than £100 per year will always look like good value (mainly because it is!)

4. So many councils are wasting money on Governor training. I spoke to one council a few months ago who say that they are training less than 100 of their 2,000 governors on an annual basis. This honest assessment tells me that there are literally thousands of Governors getting no training, not because they don’t want to, but because they can’t for many reasons. Giving them an alternative medium instantly increases accessibility and choice which is what everyone’s trying to achieve

I think these are some compelling reasons to use e-learning for Governor training… although I’m not sure I’d be going to bed with any of them!

by Paul

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